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Stripped and Waxed

VCT tile

All Kauai uses the best commercial grade stripping solutions and low maintenance finish on both commercial and residential tile. We use specific products from ABC Chemical Company and ZEP Commercial products.

Wood Refurbishing

First it’s important to have the experience to know if the wood floor is a urethane finish or an oil base finish. In either case All Kauai uses Dura Seal wood restoration products such as Dura Seal Penetrating Wood Finish and Renovator or Dura Seal Floor Reviver. Dura Seal is a division of the Minwax company. Minwax.com

Ceramic and Paver Tile

Ceramic tile can pose quite a problem unless the correct cleaning agents are used. Most acids will surely etch and destroy the tile however there are certain acids that can be used to make grout look like new yet not harm the tile finish. Almost 20 years of experience can make the difference in getting the job done to meet your expectations.